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Well Written Papers = Very Happy Instructors

Teaching is one of our teams’ greatest passions and now with our new website we are able to assist students across the globe. We now provide more on-on-one sessions with students, and clients alike, than ever before. The amount of time saved, typically driving to and from school, is now used to assist a handful of PPC members everyday!

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How does PPC work?

Option 1 (finished paper)

Step 1

Type your paper up as you would according to the project your instructor has assigned you.

Step 2

Visit our shop and choose the option that best suits the size and desired outcome of your project.

Step 3

Following checking out you will receive an upload link via email to submit your completed project.

Step 4

Our team gets to work correcting, critiquing, and offering suggestions for your final paper.

Option 2 (start from scratch)

Step 1

Submit a rough draft of the paper you have in mind, what ideas you currently have, and what you expect from us.

Step 2

Following a quick review one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your project and what option fits best.

Session 7

Our team goes to work jotting down ideas, directions of structure, and suggestions for a spectacular creation.

Step 4

Following your final PPC submission, we review, critique, and offer suggestions for you to digest for your final piece.

Our Core Objectives

We now have the ability to to cover more on-on-one sessions with students, and clients alike, than ever before. Just the amount of time saved typically driving to school is now used to assist one to two PPC members everyday!


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905, 2021

Welcome To PayPerCritique’s Blog!

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We are so glad you are here! We know how hard it can be to get grammar, punctuation, organization, references, and all the parts of a paper, essay, letter or any other part of a written document to read correctly. Today we want to introduce you to the Easy 5 Paragraph essay. Easy 5 Paragraph Essay This standard form is often used by instructors/professors to check your writing and logic skills, grammar, punctuation, and numerous other things. To create a 5-paragraph


Anytime I hit a dead end PPC is there to lift me up, putting me back on my creative path. Thanks ladies!

Sabrina W.
Creative Student

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